Press Release

Nashua Launches Online Dog Payment Solution
Allowing for a more efficient citizen experience

NASHUA, NH – March 2019: Interware Development Company joined forces with the City of Nashua, to provide an online dog licensing payment solution available to all residents. EB2Gov allows citizens to make instant and successful payments through the City of Nashua’s website. This partnership allows taxpayers the flexibility to choose between using credit cards, automated clearing house, or electronic checks to renew dog licenses online.

Upon success of the pilot program, Nashua released a city-wide email with 6,000 recipients and reported over 1,000 renewal requests in the first weekend. Through a convenience fee-based system, Nashua residents can renew their dog licenses through EB2Gov on their own schedule, at any time. EB2Gov is easy to implement and navigate with no extra cost to the city. The new service enables a quick and reliable experience for the consumer, and we are excited to share it with Nashua.

Armed with a comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions, Interware Development Company’s partnerships allow taxpayers flexibility within their municipality. Interware Development strives to modernize and streamline municipalities’ payment processes for a more convenient and efficient system for both the citizen and municipality.