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Onsite Lactation Support
New Lactation Program Announced

AMHERST, NH – July 2019: Interware Development announces the launch of a lactation support program to support nursing mothers’ ability to continue providing their milk for their infants after returning to work from maternity leave. Interware is proud to join hundreds of other businesses that provide lactation support for their employees. It is essential that breastfeeding employees can successfully merge their important priorities of family and work through onsite lactation support, and Interware urges co-workers to lend their support as well.

“We are extremely pleased to be granted the opportunity to provide the onsite support,” said Sandy Rowe, President of Interware Development. The program is part of the company’s health and wellness program and was developed following a grant from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health Services. The program is available to employees who are expecting a baby or are breastfeeding/have a partner who is breastfeeding. The program includes:

  1. Support: As the policy states, Interware encourages all employees to actively support breastfeeding employees and create a culture of support. Additional local support groups are available.
  2. Time: The program states that breastfeeding employees will be able to have flexible schedules to express milk.
  3. Education: Online toolkits, brochures and trainings are available.
  4. Place: Breastfeeding employees will have access to the private room to express milk and to safely store their breastmilk.

Interware Development recognizes the importance of supporting mothers who choose to breastfeed and the health benefits for both the mother and child. Breastfeeding is recommended by all major medical organizations as the optimal way to feed infants because of its significant health advantages. Breastfeeding is also healthier for mothers as it lowers health risks and speeds recovery from pregnancy. Research shows that supporting breastfeeding employees is beneficial for everyone. This all translates into positive benefits for businesses, including reduced absenteeism, increased retention, and lower health-care costs.

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