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EB2Gov, MyEB2Gov and EB2Gov Dashboard Launch
Online Payment Solutions

AMHERST, NH – August 2019: Interware Development has enhanced the electronic billing and payment solution, EB2Gov. Equipped with three online platforms, the newly designed EB2Gov is dedicated to servicing both the municipality and its residents. The platforms provide a user-friendly payment portal that enables flexibility for all users.

In an effort to streamline municipal payments, EB2Gov enables taxpayers to manage their municipal bills at any time and from anywhere. Citizens can manage assets (such as motor vehicles, dog licenses, properties etc.), schedule payments, view and print their bills electronically, and make payments to multiple disparate municipalities within a single checkout. Creating an account is recommended, however, EB2Gov allows for guest checkout while still being able to view bills and make payments.

To provide citizens more features and control, Interware Development created the MyEB2Gov portal. Citizens can create an account to manage assets, schedule payments, securely store payment information and receive electronic correspondences.

The municipality has access to a separate portal, the EB2Gov Dashboard which allows town/city personnel to manage their EB2Gov platform and functionality. Municipal users with access to the Dashboard can easily create and customize new online payment forms, modify verbiage, upload bills and manage data related to their resident’s municipal assets.

Armed with a comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions, Interware Development Company’s partnerships allow taxpayers flexibility within their municipality. The online solutions are provided to the municipality at little to no cost, eliminating a major challenge with budget constraints. Interware Development strives to modernize and streamline the municipal payment processes for a more convenient and efficient system servicing both the citizen and municipality, truly making government more efficient for everyone.

About Interware Development Company

Founded in 1995, Interware Development Company develops software for local and state government, school districts as well as offers an array of payment processing solutions. Interware Development is committed to developing innovative products that uphold the company’s creed of “Making the government more efficient for all of us…” For more information, visit or contact us at (877) 357-7100.