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The City of Keene Implements Dog Licensing Software

Keene, NH: The City of Keene has adopted Interware Development Company’s software, ClerkWorks, for dog licensing. This service will allow the Clerk, Police Department, and the citizens online experience to seamlessly work together with accurate up-to-date data increasing efficiencies across the city. ClerkWorks is an innovative solution that streamlines and simplifies clerk’s daily operations while automating business processes and improving revenue collection.

ClerkWorks integrates directly with Interware’s online payment platform, EB2Gov. The seamless integration provides an online interface that is easy to navigate for citizens, while keeping Clerks in control of their own internal procedures. ClerkWorks includes the ability to produce electronic notifications of upcoming renewals for citizens, making it easier than ever for citizens to complete their renewals, directly increasing the speed of revenue collection. These added benefits all work together to reduce citizen wait times and aim to improve the customer service experience.

Residents can access the online payment platform through Keene’s city website or by visiting https:\\ Residents can enter their dog tag to review, renew, and submit payment. With one dog tag entered all the owner’s dogs will be displayed to renew or remove.  Outdated rabies certificates are identified, and users can upload documents from their veterinarian. Once the transaction is successfully completed an email confirmation is sent directly to the end user.

Citizens have the option to create a myEB2Gov account unlocking the added benefits of managing their assets with the city, scheduling payments, securely storing payment information for a faster checkout, and opting in to receive electronic notifications. Creating an account is recommended; however, EB2Gov allows for guest checkout as well. Once an account is created citizens can view their payment history at any time in the history tab of their account.

In the State of New Hampshire, over 150 towns and cities are currently utilizing EB2Gov. These partnerships allow residents to manage their municipal bills anytime, anywhere. The online services are at no cost to the City and a small fee is added to payments for those who find value in requesting these services online.

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