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Update Regarding COVID-19

Citizens across the nation and here in New Hampshire have been heeding the messages to stay at home to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus and doing business online with their government is a part of that. Still required to register their vehicles and license their dogs, citizens are completing their renewals and paying online with EB2Gov. 

Interware does not charge towns and cities start up fees, monthly fees or yearly fees for our online services.  There is no impact on the municipal budget and local tax rate by adopting EB2Gov as an online service provider. If a citizen finds value in the online services they pay a nominal transaction fee. Interware depends on the transaction fees to help maintain our business operations, including the infrastructure that supports our secure web services, building new applications for our municipal partners and the salaries of our Interware team which includes engineers, quality control, system analysis, marketing and support personnel. While the elimination and subsequent reduction in fees will impact Interware financially, we want to continue to support our employees and intend on remain fully staffed, with all employees given the opportunity to work remotely.  

Interware made the decision to forego our transaction fees, beginning on March 14th, anticipating a full reinstatement of those fees on April 3rd. After taking into consideration the escalated and extended warnings from our government officials, Interware has decided to reinstate the fees at a 50% discount through May 4th. We are hopeful that this significant rate reduction will help mitigate the impact of the State’s stay at home orders, while keeping our municipal personnel safe and healthy as well as citizens in compliance.

Incorporated in 1995, located in Amherst NH and a woman owned business, Interware supplies business solutions to the Municipal and Educational marketplace in the form of software, financial and online services via its EB2Gov platform. It’s well known EB2Gov platform provides payment collection for Utility Bills and Tax Payments, as well as, Motor Vehicle Renewals, Dog Licensing, Vital Records and a host of online point-of-sale services that cities and towns create themselves.  In addition, EB2Gov also provides a number of services at no cost to citizens such as vehicle estimates, tax estimates, tax look-up, printed statements and an online history view.  EB2Gov provides citizens, banks and mortgage companies with necessary information directly from the municipal website.

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Founded in 1995, Interware Development Company develops software for local and state government, school districts as well as offers an array of payment processing solutions. Interware Development is committed to developing innovative products that uphold the company’s creed of “Making the government more efficient for all of us…” For more information, visit or contact us at (877) 357-7100.

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