Information for Citizens

Information for Citizens

Our difference as a payment processor

Interware Development Company is a software provider and the makers of EB2Gov online services that municipalities have the option to adopt to bring payments online to their citizens. In order for towns and cities to keep their costs to the citizens down and taxes low, they pass the fees associated with processing credit cards and the cost of our systems onto the customer.

Your municipality has chosen our EB2Gov services for a host of reasons such as:

  • We provide many services online and your municipality wants to offer you as many online payment and look up services as possible for your convenience.
  • We provide additional services along with payment options like looking up your property tax amount, previous payment made and when, estimating an advanced property tax payment and estimating the taxes on a vehicle with E-Reg Estimates.
  • Our services are at no cost or very low to the municipalities so they don’t have to raise your taxes to pay for the cost to build and maintain these online services.
  • It’s difficult for your municipality to budget for credit card fees. Sometimes these fees can be very hefty and can certainly change from year to year. Your municipality has chosen to only pass the fees onto those who choose to use their credit card and/or online services. If your municipality had to pay for the fees associated with taking credit cards or maintaining a site for online services, taxes would surely go up for everyone in town and not just those who choose to use the services.

We do hope you find value in the services your municipality has chosen to adopt and we do understand that you may choose not to use them. Now that you know a little more about these services, perhaps it’s a little less frustrating for you. The option is still available for you and other citizens to pay by cash or check at the office so as not to incur these added fees that pay for the services provided.

Many citizens enjoy the convenience of renewing their dog or motor vehicle online at any time that works for them, without having to take time off work to go into the office. We understand your concerns but do hope you understand the nature of these fees and why they’re being passed to those who use it.

We welcome any additional feedback from you at any time.

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