Interware Development Co., Inc

From the beginning

Interware Development Company was founded in 1995 as a software development company for the burgeoning Internet revolution. The founders of Interware realized early on the power of the Internet to change the nature of how we do business and how it could provide a highly productive platform to deliver innovative solutions to the public marketplace.

For over 20 years, government agencies, municipalities of all sizes and the constituents they serve have been, and continue to, realize the benefits of partnering with Interware. We design and deliver innovative products that uphold the company creed of “Making government more efficient for all of us…”

Generating tools designed for seamless production

Since starting our highly successful business in the State of New Hampshire, we have branched out into many states and localities across the US. While the needs of our government partners can be diverse, our unique design elements mean little compromise on the part of those partners making for precise and polished implementations.

Interware has consistently delivered innovative software solutions to manage various sources of revenue collection as well as the backend financial accounting process. Interware is fully committed to the municipal market. We build shapable tools that constituents expect and demand to make the process of conducting business with their government as efficient and effective as is possible.

Staying in touch with the industry

We at Interware recognize that there are many wide-range solution providers in this area. In support of those efforts, we provide several innovative payment gateway products designed to meet the unique funding needs of government while offering seamless integration to our solution partners. We have long enjoyed a reputation for innovation and forward thinking – it is a reputation we cherish and continuously strive for.

business headquarters

199 NH Route 101, Building 7, Amherst NH 03031

As the industry grows, so do we!

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