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Coos County Tax Collectors’ Annual Meeting

Jane Casavant, Interware Development’s Product Manager, attended the Coos County Tax Collectors’ Annual Meeting at the Northumberland Town Hall in Groveton August 3, 2019, along with 12 Tax Collectors and tax office personnel from across the State of New Hampshire.

The annual meeting provides elected officials with information and technical assistance to aid daily operations. Included in this year’s meeting were presentations detailing online credit card services, panel discussions and office updates. Interware Development’s discussion focused on the process of credit card services online and over-the-counter, how online services are incorporated within ClerkWorks and other software, and the benefits of EB2Gov and Virtual Terminal. Jane Casavant elaborated on the benefits of credit card acceptance, stating that it increases certainty of collection, accelerates payments and availability of funds, enhances customer convenience and program participation, as well as improves overall cashflow.

When asked about the advantages of attending the meeting, Jane Casavant explained that “the attendees are provided with up-to-date information regarding online credit card services and the benefits provided to their town/city. For those not yet utilizing the services, they learn and are able to ask direct questions from others who currently use the programs and have had hands-on experience. An environment is created allowing knowledge to be exchanged freely back and forth.”

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